Guess Who’s Coming Home to the Snake Pit? OJ.


Guess Who's Coming to Dinner (1967)

Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner (1967)

Joanna Drayton comes home unexpectedly to announce to her parents, publisher Matt (Spencer Tracy) and art gallery owner Christina (Katharine Hepburn) she’s getting married to John (Syndey Poitier). Joanna’s progressive parents have taught her race shouldn’t be a determinate in how you treat other people, but their theoretical posturing is put to the test when they realize their little girl is going to marry a black man.

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Eleven years before the first NBA game, a look back at 1935

In 1935,

Bruno Hauptmann was convicted of kidnapping Charles Lindbergh Jr.,

The first canned beer was sold in the United States,

Parker Brothers began selling Monopoly,

The famously loyal dog Hachiko died,

Porky Pig debuted,

Persia was renamed Iran,

Fibber McGee and Molly premiered,

Sun Myung Moon claimed to experience a vision where he is chosen to complete the mission of Christ,

The first nighttime baseball game was played between the Philadelphia Phillies and the Cincinnati Reds,

Babe Ruth played in his last Major League Baseball game,

Alcoholics Anonymous was founded,

The first parking meters were installed in Oklahoma City,

President Franklin Roosevelt signed the Social Security Act,

Will Rogers was killed in a plane crash,

Carl Weiss assassinated Huey Long,

The Nuremberg Laws stripped German Jews of their citizenship,

The Melody Inn opened in Indianapolis,

Haile Selassie I was named Time’s Man of the Year,

Floyd Patterson, Elvis Presley, Bob Denver, the Amazing Kreskin, Gene Vincent, Sonny Bono, Jimmy Swaggart, Judd Hirsch, M. Emmett Walsh, Mahmoud Abbas, Herb Alpert, Dudley Moore, Charles Grodin, David Prowse, Jack Kemp, Donald Sutherland, Ron Paul, Frank Robinson, Ken Kesey, Jerry Lee Lewis, Johnny Mathis, Julie Andrews, Bruno Sammartino, Luciano Pavarotti, Jerry Orbach, Peter Boyle, Bob Gibson, Woody Allen, Lee Remick, Paul Hornung, and Sandy Koufax were born,

While Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr., Jane Adams, Alfred Dreyfus, T.E. Lawrence, and Ma Barker died.

The following is a list of my favorite films released in 1935:

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Before Elvis and his gyrating hips ruined everything, a look back at 1955

In 1955:

Marian Anderson became the first African-American to perform at the Metropolitan Opera,

The USS Nautilus, the world’s first nuclear-powered submarine, launched,

60,000 non-white residents of Sophiatown were evicted as a result of the South African policy of apartheid,

The short-lived Baghdad Pact was signed,

US President Dwight Eisenhower sent the first US advisors to Vietnam which would eventually lead to US involvement in the Vietnam War,

Jim Henson built the first version of Kermit the Frog,

Claudette Colvin and Rosa Parks were arrested in Montgomery, Alabama for refusing to abide by laws regarding segregation of the city’s buses.

The Broadway musical adaptation of Peter Pan debuted on American television,

6,000 people rioted in Montreal to protest the suspension of the Canadiens star player, Maurice Richard,

Eighty year old Winston Churchill resigned his second term as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom,

Richard J. Daley won his fist election as Mayor of Chicago, a position he held for the next 21 years,

The  Salk polio vaccine was approved by the Food and Drug Administration,

Ray Kroc opened the first McDonald’s,

The $64,000 QuestionGunsmokeAlfred Hitchcock PresentsThe Mickey Mouse ClubThe Honeymooners, and Captain Kangaroo debuted on American television.

Ruth Ellis was the last woman executed in the United Kingdom,

Disneyland opened,

Hurricane Diane struck the northeastern US, causing over one billion dollars in damage,

The first edition of the The Guinness Book of Records was published,

Argentinian President Juan Peron was ousted in a coup,

James Dean was killed in a car accident,

Emmett Till was murdered,

Lady and the Tramp premiered,

Vladimir Nabokov’s controversial novel, Lolita, was published,

The world’s population was 2.7 billion people,

Rowan Atkinson, J.K. Simmons, Kevin Costner, Eddie Van Halen, US Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts, John Grisham, Greg Norman, Kelsey Grammer, Jeff Daniels, Steve Jobs, Penn Jillette, Gary Sinise, Bruce Willis, Moses Malone, Reba McEntire, Earl Campbell, Brendan Gleeson, Michael Rooker, Barbara Kingsolver, Dodi Fayed, Judy Davis, Kate Mulgrew, Donatella Versace, Tom Bergeron, Chris Berman, Mark David Chapman, Jack Morris, Debra Winger, Bill Paxton, Chow Yun-Fat, Dana Carvey, Sandra Bernhard, Tim Berners-Lee, Laurie Metcalf, Jimmy Smits, Willem Dafoe, Iman, Billy Bob Thornton, Wayne Knight, Peter Gallagher, Mike Huckabee, Yo-Yo Ma, Darrell Hammond, Bill Gates, Maria Shriver, Roland Emmerich, Whoopi Goldberg, Bill Nye, Howie Mandel, Billy Idol, and Jane Kaczmarek were born,

While  John Mott, Sir Alexander Fleming, Charlie Parker, Albert Einstein, Cordell Hull, Wallace Stevens, Carmen Miranda, Cy Young, Dale Carnegie, Shemp Howard, and Honus Wagner died.

The following is a list of my ten favorite films released in 1955.

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The thirteenth year of the reign of the second Queen Elizabeth, A look back at 1965

In 1965,

Lyndon Johnson unveiled a series of domestic programs known as the Great Society,

The Canadian Maple Leaf Flag premiered,

Joan Rivers debuted on the The Tonight Show,

Martin Luther King Jr. and others organized a series of marches from Selma to Montgomery to protest the treatment of African Americans in the United States,

The United States passed the Voting Rights Act,

Russian cosmonaut Alexey Leonov became the first person to walk in space,

The Astrodome opened,

Richard Hickock and Perry Smith were executed for the 1959 murder of the Cluttler family, inspiring Truman Capote to write In Cold Blood,

Bob Dylan went electric and released Highway 61 Revisited

Lyndon Johnson signs legislation creating Medicare and Medicaid,

The Watts riots take place in Los Angeles,

The Beatles performed at Shea Stadium

After 55 years, Casey Stengel retired as a professional baseball manager,

Sandy Koufax pitched a perfect game,

Hurricane Betsy landed in the United States,

My Mother the Car and Days of Our Lives premiered on NBC,

Supermarket Sweep and The Dating Game premiered on ABC,

Pope Paul VI visited the US,

Poppin’ Fresh, the Pillsbury Doughboy debuted,

Great Britain banned the death penalty,,

The total world population is just over 3.3 billion,

Rob Zombie, DJ Jazzy Jeff, Diane Lane, Brandon Lee, Dr. Dre, Paul W.S. Anderson, The Undertaker, Sarah Jessica Parker, Piers Morgan, Rodney King, Robert Downey Jr., Jon Cryer, Kevin James, Suge Knight, Owen Hart, Trent Reznor, John C. Reilly, Brooke Shields, Mick Foley, Elizabeth Hurley, Alex Winter, Connie Nielsen, Stuart Scott, Shawn Michaels, J.K. Rowling, Sam Mendes, Kyra Sedwick, Shania Twain, Charlie Sheen, Bashar al-Assad, Kyle Chandler, Scottie Pippen, Steve Kerr, Steve Coogan, Bjork, Ben Stiller, Nicholas Sparks, and Heidi Fleiss were born.

T.S. Eliot, Nat King Cole, Malcolm X, Felix Frankfurter, Stan Laurel, Amos Alonzo Stagg, Edward Murrow, Spike Jones, Judy Holliday, David O. Selznick, Adlai Stevenson, Moonlight Graham, Albert Schweitzer, Clara Bow, Dorothy Dandridge, Henry Travers, Winston Churchill, and Somerset Maugham died.

The following is my list of the top ten films released in 1965:

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Everything that follows is older than the new Spider-man or: A brief look back at 1995

In 1995:

The World Trade Organization was established;

O.J. Simpson was acquitted for the murder of his ex-wife, Nicole Brown Simpson, and Ron Goldman;

Mississippi ratified the 13th Amendment to the US Constitution;

Timothy McVeigh and Terry Nichols bombed bombed the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City;

Shawn Nelson went on a rampage in a tank in San Diego;

The New Jersey Devils won their first Stanley Cup;

The first DVD was made available;

eBay went online;

Star Trek: VoyagerXena: Warrior Princess, and The Drew Carey Show premiered;

While Matlock, Blossom, Tiny Toon Adventures, and Northern Exposure ended their series runs;

Calvin and Hobbes ended its ten-year run in newspapers;

Selena was murdered;

Pierce Brosnan debuted as James Bond;

Braveheart won the Academy Award for Best Picture at the 68th Academy Awards;

Rose Kennedy, Ginger Rogers, Elizabeth Montgomery, Jonas Salk, Wolfman Jack, Eva Gabor, Jerry Garcia, Mickey Mantle, Orville Redenbacher, and Bobby Riggs died;

The History Channel and the WB Network launched into American homes;

Will Ferrell joined SNL;

And Drew Barrymore flashed David Letterman for his birthday.

These are my top ten films released in 1995:

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In prison, escaping from prison, and going to prison

Caesar Must DieCaesar Must Die (2012)

This film about prisoners in an Italian suburb staging a production of Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar won the Golden Bear at the 62nd Berlin International Film Festival

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